Saturday, 28 July 2012

Opening Ceremony!!!


I did make a card to share but as yet it isnt photographed

And of course its now into a new day

The main reason is I just sat through the whole 6 hours of the Olympics opening ceremony!

What a wonderful display

The number of times I shed a tear

Had a smile that stretched ear to ear

Saw things that made me think

All in all it was a fabulous ceremony that will be talked about for years to come!

I loved how it all started and as the theme changed how the people involved smoothly carried off the set as part of the show – then new sections were brought on and fitted – so smoothly

There was an amazing tribute really to GOSH – Great Ormand Street Hospital – with both patients and staff taking part

The Queen and James Bond made a spectacular show

Mr Bean starred in the orchestra – highly amusing as we all expect from this funny man

Mohamed Ali was there to greet the Olympic flag – a very sad sight to see such a great man in the poor state of health he is in now

Have to say the torch bearers in the stadium who were all nominated by the best sports men and women of GB did us proud with their roles

It had speeches, musical performances by the best there is and a firework display that was truly breath taking!

Well done to everyone involved in this the 2012 Olympics here in London, England

Let the games begin!!!

See you tomorrow with my card


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