Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Boxed Gift


I am sharing a lovely gift box that I was given when I went to stay with my friend Jae at Easter time – I have several part made cards but just didn't feel up to finishing them off – had hospital appointment today and wasn't overly pleased with what I was told...

Anyway – to the gift box..

It is designed by Donna Glenn and on a cd by Cardigami

On the cd are several different kits so you can decide on which box or pouch to make in which colour suits the occasion!

So with regards this box – Jae printed direct to white card stock and cut out the whole design – it is just a case of score and fold on all lines then use glue or double sided tape to secure the last seam.

When it comes to the lid or box top its a bit like a kiddies windmill – as in you score and fold one piece then the next petal folds nd tucks under the first and so on until the last petal is slightly twisted to slot in under all the rest making a pretty pink poinsettia!

She also made a matching gift card that was attached to the box and the finishing touch was she added 4 scented lemon tea-light candles which fitted perfectly in the bottom

This would be the perfect hand made craft item for the fayre's and such especially for schools – they are relatively quick, easy and cheap to make but look fab and have to be worth buying!!!

I should be back with a card again tomorrow!!

Bye x

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