Friday, 15 February 2013

Look at these....

Today I have decided I will share something different with fact tomorrow will be something different too, just hope you don't mind!
As the weather was pleasant today hubby & I went out for an hour of five – he needed a few bits and pieces and I needed to revisit a garden centre we went to last weekend – I bought hubby & me a lovely china mug each – we both got a sheep one – well yesterday hubby was drying the mugs and dropped one!!
Normally I wouldn't bother replacing but you know what its like when you have a cuppa that is perfect – well that's what I thought about these lovely china mugs.
And so while out we came across something that was a huge interest to us and I just had to get photographs to share with you all.
This is a fantastic collection of Birds of Prey
For obvious reasons I wont share the location but will say they were stunning and had it not been feeding time I was told I could have stroked them all as they are all very friendly
Some are used for shows and school visits much like hubby does with ours and we were told these birds on nice days are tethered in the grounds of an old folks home – can you imagine the pleasure those folks will get from these beauties.

The above photos are of an Eagle – its hard to show how big and powerful he is – he is only 30 weeks only and was huge – look at the feet on him, and look at what's left of his dinner, not a lot but if you look at the size of the bones left you can get a better idea of his size.
And a Snowy Owl – this is the 1st time I have actually seen one – it was stunning – and I love this photo as it looks like it was laughing with me... I caught it mind squawk.

The rest of the birds are different Hawks, pretty birds but not a favourite of mine for some reason.

Now – look at this beauty! He is a 4 year old European Eagle Owl...his feathers were amazing – I really wanted to just pick him up and snuzzle him as I do my Gizmo....
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photographs – I was so pleased with the quality of them as they were taken with my mobile – got better results than I do with my camera
Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and sharing some photographs of somewhere else we visited and I fell in love with!
Take care my friends


  1. These are just awsome Angie ,that Eagle owl reminded me of our visit to you, when Steve held Eva .It made his , and our day What a real honor it was to see her . Hugs Cazxx

  2. Brilliant photo's Angie, I just love the snowy one, he is laughing.