Monday, 25 February 2013

Jumpers & Booties

Hello bloggers
I really hoped to get a card made for today but sadly it wasn't to be
At the community building where I am the Chair we now run a Why Weight? Group on a Monday which is 11am – 12noon – however I always end up there around 10.15am to get set up and it around 12.15pm when I get back home so it really messes my day the time I am home and done a little lunch, had that and a cuppa half the afternoon has gone.
And I did have a big knitting order for one of the ladies in class..she wanted booties in white with coloured ribbons as well as coloured wool with matching ribbons
Then some mini jumpers to go with them...
I haven't done too badly really – I have managed to knit 12 single booties, got the whole of the booties order sewn up and ribbon bows and hangers done and so far got 5 of the jumpers made – so after this and my long soak in the bath I just have another 5 jumpers to knit – and when I get them all bagged up I will pop the beads for the end of the jumper sticks into a bag so she can add them as and when she uses the jumpers – saves the beads falling off and her crawling along the floor looking for them!!!
So now for anyone who doesn't know about my mini knits let me tell you a little about them.

The booties are not a lot bigger than a 2p piece so perfect for cards, scrap-booking or as my class lady is using them – exploding boxes for baby
2 booties to the pair which can be bought as a single pair or the norm is 3 pairs to a pack.
They are generally knitted in white wool but can hang pink, white or blue ribbons added
Or as my lady wanted this time – a pack knitted in blue with blue ribbons and a pack knitted in pink with pink ribbons – added to that a pack of white knits with pink ribbons and white knits with blue ribbons
The mini jumpers are knitted on needles then transferred to cocktail sticks with a small ball of wool pushed onto the stick – I added contrasting beads to the outer end of the sticks but because my lady is buying so many I will pop the relevant beads into a bag for her
These mini jumpers can again be used for cards, scrap-books and exploding boxes as they are a perfect size.
And on that note I am going to love ya and leave ya!!!
My bath is a calling me!!!
Hope you like my lovely mini knits – if you would like to know how to order or how much please email me or leave a message with your email address
See you next time


  1. What a fabulous idea Angie! I love them! Oh I wish I could knit! :0(

  2. What a neat idea, love them.