Saturday, 16 February 2013


So as I mentioned yesterday – no card again
This time I thought I would give a local garden centre a plug
Ok its here in Hull but sadly people just by pass it and hardly notice its there
And that is a shame as its a family run business, and nothing is too much trouble
We popped in on Friday afternoon to see if they would like to rebook the birds of prey...we were welcomed, offered coffee which was proper coffee in a china mug too...
So while Pete talked business I took myself off for a wander through the gardens
This really is a hidden gem.
There are stone animals as well as some carved animals all set into the scenery
A small lawn lies in the centre of the walks – this is where they let their guests do their shows and things – a small pavilion is next to it – this is open when they have events on, all refreshment and home made cake is free.
This year they have worked on a new play area for children – it has a tree house and big wooden play house as well as swings and slides
A large pond is now full of huge fish with an alligator making his way in...
At the end of the garden are two more pavilions, one is a static car boot – people can pop unwanted items in there to sell – all items open to offers and money goes to a local charity.
Onto the TLC corner – this is where you can buy a bargain tree, shrub or plant – they are all healthy but would benefit from some TLC – we never saw anything here priced over £4
The last pavilion hosts a huge snake winding in and out of the pot plants – it has been made of wood and beautifully painted and decorated.
Bird baths, bird tables, stools, water features, decorative pots, stepping stones, sun dials and much much more are on show as you head back to the main conservatory which is the shop base.
And in the shop they do small collectables as well as candles and crystals...
A flower shop is in here too – the prices are amazing – she had made up a gift bag with large teddy holding a red rose, sat on a plate and wrapped with love in cellophane and a huge foil bow to finish - £7.99 – I thought that was a bargain!!!
By now I should think you are eagerly waiting for the name of this garden centre aren't you?
Well is called EVERGREENS and is in BILTON near Hull – for those who know Bilton – the garden centre is directly across from the traffic entrance to Asda...
So next time you are in that area pop in and see for yourself!
Enjoy the photographs
Back with a craft project tomorrow – promise!
 I would love this scorpion for my garden!

 Can you see what's hiding in the bush above?

 I just love these hedgehogs...I didnt actually spot the 4th the message to see what I am talking about!



  1. Wow - the scorpion and snake are fantastic! It's surprising what can be made with wooden posts! Pauline x

  2. An amazing place, wish I lived nearer.