Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Chocolate Heaven!!!!


I've still a way to go to get back to 100% health but I feel I am on the right track now

A huge thank you to all of you that sent me cards, gifts, emails, texts and best wishes – its great having friends!!!

I was going to share a card but then decided I would hang in to those for now

So as it was my wonderful hubby's birthday on Sunday I asked a lovely young lady to make me a cake for him

The lady in question is RUTH – its my good friend Ann's daughter

Now she isn't a trained cake maker – I gave her a free reign on what to do – all I wanted was a price

It was all arranged that Ruth would deliver the cake to me early on Saturday morning

I was asked did I want a sneak preview of the cake on Friday evening but I said no...

Well when I saw it I was so so was perfect!

The shape of an owl – and of course as majority of you know we do have 3 owls and 2 hawks so a great start

It was covered with white milky buttons and also chocolate buttons

I will not hesitate to ask Ruth to make my cakes in future, when it was cut the sponge so light and fluffy

And the chocolate that was used all around the cake was heavenly...

Pete loved the cake as we all did..

So thank you Ruth!!!

Its a real shame the pc isn't capable of sending out the smell of the photos – when I look at it I can just imagine how chocolatey it smells....

Back tomorrow folks



  1. Oh wow! What an unusual (but apt!) cake! And all that scrummy chocolate on it too! Actually Angie, I CAN smell it from the photo's! A fabulous job Ruth! Oh, and Happy Birthday Pete!