Monday, 29 October 2012

I've been unwell

Hi everyone

I bet you all thought I had given up with the blog didn't you?

Well you will be pleased – I hope – to hear the blog will be returning hopefully in the next few days

Almost 2 weeks ago I came down ill – I had shared a card then came over all sickly...

Ended up going to bed and fell into a deep sleep – I know I had appalling sickness but in all honesty I cannot remember getting in and out of bed for the bathroom

Thankfully after a week the sickness stopped but even now I feel very weak – everything is an effort – and if I try do the simplest things it really takes it out of me

Today I tried to spend time in my craft room as I wanted – no – needed to get a couple of cards made – well nothing went right for me so after 3 or so hours I went downstairs and laid of the settee again – fell to sleep and was woke to say I had slept around 4 hours...

My appetite is still zero – I have lost a stone and a half in the 2 weeks...

My best day for eating was Saturday when family came for my hubby's birthday – I had a slice of roast chicken and a boiled potato

Sunday I had one piece of a bounty

Today I have had an apple...

And I still ache head to foot – so need to get myself to see the doctor – easier said than done with our surgery...

Wont bore you any more but hope to be back soon

Take care


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  1. Hugs for a speedy recovery Angie and don't
    go over doing either don't want you having a
    relapse now do we xxxxx