Friday, 5 October 2012

Saucy - Do NOT look if offended easily!

Good evening

This is something a tad RISQUE/SAUCY...but fun

I really hope nobody will be offended by this card

It is something I made for my hubby when I was fairly new to card making – cant you tell?

Must be around 9 years ago...

It was coming close to his birthday – so was most likely around this time of the month

I wanted to make him a card rather than buy – after all I considered I had talent...that's a joke!!!

So as I had bought a pack of assorted heat embossed items from Ebay I had a rummage through – it was full of the normal stuff – butterflies, bug, books, but there was just one of these huge embossed basques in it

Well that got me would certainly be unique..

and he would think it was fab

So I grabbed a card blank – looking at it still makes me cringe – where and why did I buy such appalling card blanks? I mean it really was plain don't you agree?

But in its favour was the fact it was a perfect fit for this basque.

To really jazz it up I started by adding 2 tongue bars through the boobs – then added a bit of stuffing to round the boobs and make them more appealing

Next I stuck a little white lace around the top and bottom of the basque

A small cream bow was stuck between the cleavage which worked really well.

And now I really do cringe – why oh why did I add that small black feather there? No explanations needed!

Needless to say hubby thought the card was brilliant – so much so that when we were putting furniture and stuff back in the bedroom after finishing decorating he came across it in one of his drawers – together with another 2 saucy cards that I may show another never know!!!

There is just the one photo of this card – that was all that was needed!!

Well I do hope I will still see you all again tomorrow...

That's if I haven't offended all my followers



  1. Oooh, very cheeky! lol...but I can see why he liked it!!

  2. Love the colour and could I have one of these in my size please? Lol xx