Sunday, 14 October 2012

How on earth....


Last year I bought a fab new cd by Ella Designs called 12 cards of christmas and have to say the card were amazing – especially this one I am sharing today

Take a look at the website

The cards are printed over a few sheets usually and there is also an easy to understand tutorial for each project.

The reason I put this one together today is I gave a kit with everything needed to make the card to a friend of mine and she has been in touch a few times to say she really cannot get to grips with how the card is made up

As she is coming through to see me tomorrow I thought I would make it up for her to see what it looks like finished!!!!

So materials for this card I used ….

Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...

A4 white card stock

Decoupage sheets

Instruction sheets

Double sided tape

Sticky pads

Eazi Score Board & tool

Tonic 8” guillotine



Shaping tool from

Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat

To make the card ...

I would love to share how to make the card step by step but that wouldn't be fair to the designer – because once you know how to make this the style could easily be copied – now if you have the cd rom yourself it is fine to put your own slant on it – that is stated in the instructions

So I will give you a rough idea

The card stock is cut down slightly and the eazi score board and tool are used to mark the card layout – this is one of the few cards I have ever made where the score board is used to score lots of lines throughout the card.

So once its all scored and cut it is time to build the card – for mine I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink pad and ink tool to colour the edges of the entire card

Using double sided tape I added the 2 side panels to the card and then the 2 inner side panels....

Next I cut out the decoupage and built it up with small sticky pads, then stuck this panel to an off cut of kraft card and cut to leave a very narrow border all round.

When this panel was ready to attach to the back of the card I used double sided tape on the left hand side only – this is so its held in place but will fold flat to be posted.

On the back of the card I added the 2 square panels printed with TO and FROM

The last thing to be added was the month element which was stuck along the bottom only as the top didn't actually fit against anything so would have stuck to the main back panel when closed

To decorate I used cosmic shimmer pva glue to all areas of the card that had snow – then sprinkled glamour dust and shook off the excess

Glossy accents were added to the candle and the number 25 of the calendar.

I am sure you will love this card – I do!
I have taken photos from different angles so from above - a side, the back etc so you see how unusual the shape is

Once you have made the 1st one you will be fine – it does take some working out in places – but I like the challenge!

Don't forget now you can pop on over to Ella's website and see her cd collection...

Until the next card then....



  1. That is a beautiful card, but it does look sooo complicated to make! Very unusual!