Friday, 31 May 2013


Sorry I haven't posted for a few days – I just haven't had any spare time although thinking back cannot even recall what has taken up my days and nights!
Never mind
Well our grandson Layton came yesterday to stay for a few days and we have all had a great time...
When we picked him up we went to a few garden centres that had fish departments as we sadly lost out 10 year old Oscar at the start of last week – anyway we did manage to get one from a tropical fish shop – its a small one which is what we wanted – Layton chose which he wanted and has named him Jamie – I know, what a crazy name for an Oscar but there you go.
Today we went through to Brigg which I believe is around 14 miles from here – its a lovely place and of course the sun was out which was a huge bonus – so we sat outside a fish bar and had lovely fresh Grimsby fish and chips, then a wander around before finally picking up some shopping for tomorrow then home again.
Then around 5ish we set off for seaside – Cleethorpes – it was still bright fine and warm so Pete Layton and I went onto the beach and although the sea was so far out you couldn't see how far away it really was there were lots of little pools for us to have a good splash around in!
Layton had a huge ice cream – double cornet with mountains of super whippy ice cream, flakes galore and topped with chocolate sauce, Pete & I both said he wouldn't eat it all but he stunned us when he did...
We had a few hours in the amusements and on the rides then back home collecting a kebab on the way!!
Layton was shattered so he ate a little of his tea then spent 10 mins in the shower – he would stay in there for hours if I let him...he was dried and smoothered in baby powder – I know he is now 5 years old but he is still grandmas baby!!!
Within 5 mins of him climbing into bed he was fast asleep...
Ok so that's it – I don't post anything for days then bore you all with our last few days of child minding..
Mind you its just as well he came here yesterday as his mummy Vicky was going off to her cousins big white fancy wedding today with her twin sister Nicky – well poor Vicky has been up all night with D&S...she had hoped it was die away so she could make the night party but sadly with Layton here and Nicky had been at her boyfriends then she went off to the wedding Vicky has been home alone with her bug
Hope she is better tomorrow as Nicky & Vicky were due to come here for dinner...they have been nagging for a full Sunday roast dinner so bought it all in today..
The piccie shows how much fun we had!
See you tomorrow with a card = got lots to share now

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