Thursday, 9 May 2013

Special Day Hanger

This project was something I made as a late card/gift and forgot to send so its sat here now
I used the design sheet and a backing paper from one of Debbi Moore cds – I have a feeling it was Shabby Chic Vintage Flowers as that is a favourite cd of mine.
So instead of the card its a hanging and looks quite pretty too!
So materials for this card I used ….
Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...
silver holographic card
main image and backing paper.
Small piece pink ribbon
Sticky pads
Eazi Score Board & tool
Tonic 8” guillotine
Shaping tool from
Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat
To make the card …
I cut out the 3 oval images from the design sheet as well as the paper ribbon.
The 3 images were stuck directly to silver holographic card and cut out leaving a narrow border.
I turned the 3 images over and stuck the paper ribbon down and over them to hold them in the hanger, then used a piece of pink satin ribbon to form the top hanger – this was then held in place with cellotape.
After that I covered the back of each oval with the backing paper and trimmed to fit.
And that's the card completed.
I didn't add anything to it – normally I would add glitter and/or gems but will do when I know what its used for.
Also I didn't make too good a job of the backs in one or two places so I'm going to used a versamark pad and heat emboss the edges for a nice even finish.
This is another card that will be in the to use or for sale box.
Catch you again next time – same place folks

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  1. Hi Angie Great that you back blogging. I clicked thinking I'd be disappointed but here you are back in cyber land at long last. I love this idea and the colours of the images..........might pinch this idea if that's Ok. Big hugs Wynn xx