Sunday, 26 May 2013

Stitch In Time

This is a card I put together last week – I printed it off and sat in the evening cutting it out – saves falling to sleep in front of TV as I generally do I suppose!
The kit is called Stitch In Time and was designed by Janice MacFarlane. I believe it was from crafts you print – what I will add is there was a fault in the design which was annoying as the tail of the boy mouse curled over the hand of the girl mouse – so it was a case of clip the tail or snip the hand! Not good considering this was £2.00 for just 2 sheets of art work. This card has a corner pocket with a removable bookmark that is made up of mixed hearts!
So materials for this card I used ….
Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...
White a4 card
Printed base card sheet
Printed decoupage sheet
Odd piece of card for the bookmark
Sticky pads
Eazi Score Board & tool
Tonic 8” guillotine
Shaping tool from
Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat
To make the card …
The main card sheet was trimmed slightly then sprayed with Crafters Companion Stick & Stay and secured to the sheet of white card. I then cut out the whole design carefully and finally scored down the centre score line only to find the back and front was a long way from matching.
I spent as long making this right as I had cutting it all out in the first place – I am now wondering if the designer is someone I should avoid in the future as this is the 2nd major fault so far!
Once the card was sorted I started on the decoupage elements..they were straight forward to cut out.
I actually glued the bottom corner pocket and the heart bookmark on to spare card then cut them out as I felt they both needed extra support.
The corner pocket was stuck to the card using double sided tape along the left and bottom edges only.
I also found the pocket had to be in place before the last of the decoupage for the mice.
I struggled cutting the hole from the scissors – I do tend to struggle with such things but for some reason this was far more noticeable – I think I may go back and add some colour to the edges with a pro-marker as that will tidy it up somewhat.
And that was the card – as you may have picked up I wasn't really all that taken with it...I loved it when I saw it which was why it was bought – maybe it was the bad points in it that put me off!!
Oh well
This is to go into the use it or sell it box with all the others so if it takes your fancy email me!!
See you next time


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  2. Great card - if no one else wants it can I buy it please??