Monday, 20 May 2013

Layton Does Superman!!!

I am sorry I missed the last 2 days of blogging – where does time go?
My days and nights are filled with nothing important but by the time I get into bed I feel as though I've not achieved anything..
Saturday we had one of our daughters here with Layton for the day...I was out first thing Saturday with a friend, we popped off to a few local retail parks looking for a TK MAX which we did find – then home for Vicky & Layton arriving – they had actually arrived almost an hour before I got home
Anyway Layton was talking about Superman and asked if I had a dvd of it – come on now – do I look like the kind of person to have a dvd of Superman? lol...
So I offered what I did have – some Superman decoupage and backing papers...
Layton was chuffed when I said we could make a card with it!
So after printing it off I told him to choose what colour card we were going to use – her made a good choice I think with yellow...
I sat and cut out the decoupage while his mum added the sticky pads and stuck it altogether.
Layton then showed me just where he wanted the main image – and asked me to put the Superman logo on a bouncer – he meant acetate strip...and he wanted that to bounce over a smaller Superman topper.
On the sheet we have a few different sentiments and he chose the one he liked and showed where it had to go!
It was only then that I said we hadn't used any backing paper – I know he said – I want it on the back!
So I got the small paper trimmer out and showed him what to do then told him to cut the piece he wanted – and then show me where I had to stick it...
Have to say I was pretty impressed with the card all in all – after all he is only just 5 years old!
His trimming down of the A4 sheet to add what we did was pretty good especially as he also trimmed away the white edges!!!
So that's it – Layton does Superman....
Hope you like it...
Be back tomorrow folks

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