Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Dresser

This is another I made up from the lovely new Joanna Sheen Holly Pond Hill
This time I'm back to the normal A5 sized card – and what a card it is!!!
I know I have said it before – but this set of cds are stunning!!!
So materials for this card I used ….
Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...
A4 sheet pale pink adorable scorable card
Printed sheet & decoupage, printed backing sheet
Gold edged burgundy sparkle ribbon
Sticky pads
Eazi Score Board & tool
Tonic 8” guillotine
Shaping tool from
Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat
To make the card …
I scored and folded the lovely pink adorable scorable card to create the card blank
Trimmed the sheet of backing paper to fit the card front leaving the all round border
Cut a length of ribbon to go around the backing paper – secured it at the back then stuck the backing paper to the card using double sided tape.
I cut out the base layer of decoupage and this was positioned over the ribbon and stuck in place with double sided tape
Then it was down to the decoupage – what I feel I must add is if you don't like cutting out – or struggle with it – this design is not for you
It took me a few hours to actually cut out all the elements – they were so fiddly and some tiny parts too...but because I loved the design I just plodded on!
I had to use tiny sticky pads to build up the decoupage as it had so many small sections
My advise is – take your time – cut carefully – and more so with the sticky pads!
And that's it all done!
Every time I look at this card I think its so realistic – you can almost imagine the doors opening – the 3d art work is top class which is why the cd has to be a winner!
So far I haven't added any glitter or glaze and left off a sentiment as who knows when this will be used – or for what occasion as its another of those cads that would be lovely for most events!!!
Its another card in my “to use or sell” box
See you again tomorrow friends!


  1. Another fantastic card Angie xx

  2. Angie, this card is amazing. It's fabulous and I love it. Think I will have a go at this one. I think my Aunt would really love it for her birthday in March. Thanks for sharing. xx