Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Cake

Happy 1st January 2013

We don't celebrate new year but because we don't go to bed early anyway we got to watch all the celebrations on the TV and of course the fireworks that were going off in our area for at least an hour.

Went to bed and woke around 2.30 from a nightmare – not something I normally suffer from but this really did shake me up and left me with a sti8nking headache so had to get up and calm myself down.

So I came into what is almost a craft room and set out to make something – had no ideas as to what but in the end I made 3 cards from scratch and 2 were finished off so not a bad night

Went back to bed around 7am for a few hours.

This headache isn't moving...I threw myself into sorting the craft room for a few hours then went down to watch some TV...feel a tad better now thank goodness

I want to share the New Year cake with you all...feel free to jump in and get a slice!

This amazing creation was made by my lovely friend Ann's daughter Ruth

You may be thinking you recognise it – well its almost the same as what I asked Ruth to make me for the girls birthday except for this cake I wanted luxury so it has super thick fresh cream and the yummiest chocolate sweets on the top – hearts in white and milk chocolate – stars – and crumbly flake!

The chocolate sponge is so moist – it just all goes together so well...

Nobody has visited us so I'm afraid so far its just Pete & I that have been eating it

So don't worry about using your fingers – dig in and enjoy it lol

Thanks again RUTH – it is perfect!

See you all tomorrow


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  1. Now that's what I call a cake! Look delicious, Angie. xx