Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

Happy New Year – well almost!

I still have every intention of sharing cards but again spent best part of the day sorting out my craft room – just hoping one more day will see it all sorted

BUT – I have decided to renew last years resolution – to share hopefully a card a day – if not a card then something!

On the whole I didn't do too badly through 2012 did I?

I had my lovely stay with Jae around Easter so missed a day or two then – then I think that was about it until I fell ill in October and missed about 2 weeks

But have been hit and miss throughout December with this illness that just doesn't seem to want to leave me..

I think its down to you my friends that I am renewing the resolution as I have had some lovely emails and texts saying just how much you all get from the blog – so obviously I am doing something right!

I must just mention one of our long standing class ladies SUZANNE who reads my blog every day – I had a text from her this morning to let me know she wouldn't be in class this coming Thursday (my birthday just in case you didn't know) as she has had a nasty fall and broken her hip – she was in theatre last night for a replacement hip – as she has major mobility problems anyway this is just the worst possible thing that could happen

All her children are grown up but live all over the world – and she keeps in touch with then through Skype – she would have been up all hours to share the New Year with each of them – but sadly that wont be happening now...

And just talking of Suzanne – one of her son's Lee recently had some fabulous news to if you can spare a few minutes please watch this and remember his name is LEE

Anyway I have just run myself a lovely hot bubble bath as I ache like crazy – my knee is now 50 shades of blue, black and yellow following the bump it took...but its not so sore when I move now.

Before I forget – my New year cake arrived this morning – if I wasn't feeling so lazy I would pop down and get the camera – but it will have to do tomorrow

But its a HUGE thank you to RUTH for another fab creation – I asked for a cake like the girls had for their birthday but wanted it to be filled with fresh cream and covered with chocolate sweets – the girl did good!

It looks great – smells heavenly and tastes better than any cake I have ever eaten – so well done Ruth!!

I even remembered to take some piccies of the cake once it was cut!!!!

The fireworks are going crazy and its only 9.30pm – our dogs hate them so once Pete had walked them that was it – they hid in the darkest place possible – well at least Wil did – Fern is laid over my feet under the desk whereas Wil is sat on the stairs in the dark – took some piccies on my phone so will transfer to the PC and share tomorrow – if they turn out that is!

Oh and something else that will be happening with my blog is 2013 – give-aways!

I tend to make far more cards than I will ever need so at least ONCE a week I will put a card up for grabs...all you have to do is place a comment on it – I know some of you seem to struggle to leave messages on the blog so if it helps to use email or text that's fine – I will number every comment and get one picked out and that lucky person will receive the card and envelope with insert attached and unwritten so you can use it yourself

But then thinking about it – I could offer an atc – or a complete kit to make your card...same rule as above – comment and go in the draw.

If anyone can write me a quick and easy tutorial on how to post a message on this blog I would be so grateful – I could add it so people can have a go!!!

Cant think of much more to say except

Goodbye 2012

and welcome


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  1. Happy New Year Angie.
    Hoping the new year bring health and happiness to you and yours
    Hugs Trudy x
    Ps still having a few pc problems and having to share Hannahs laptop :(