Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Merry Christmas To Each And Every One Of You.

Its Christmas Day and I don't know about you lot but we have had an amazing day!

It started when we rang our grandson Layton – who is 5 next March – as soon as he picked the phone up he was so full of excitement and got so out of breathe telling us Santa had been, he had eaten his treats and Rudolph had too...and that Santa must have thought Layton was a really good boy as he brought....and that was it – the list went on … and on … and on – then we are told he isn't spoilt – yeah right!!!

Then it was bird in the oven and vegetables prepared – Pete went off to collect the girls and Layton and that child's face when he opened the living room door to find Santa had been to grandmas too!

We had the christmas ritual – grandma hands out a few pressies each then we open them – well Layton squealed with excitement with every gift he opened – even down to the sweets and chocolates!

Dinner was served – and the family bloated – so much so we didn't even manage to try the christmas pudding but not to worry...

We pulled crackers and another ritual – I always slip in a scratch card – and we buy small gifts for each other for the crackers – well Layton loved his wind up touch – so did his mum not having to buy endless batteries when he forgets to turn them off!.

Everyone happy with the cracker toys – so now its scratch card time – we have a winner – LAYTON scratched away to reveal £10.00 win - so glad it was him...so he will be off to the toy sale for something Santa may have forgotten!

Anyway the afternoon continued – and I decided we should have some snow...Pete had bought me my own snow so read the instructions and we all filed into our small kitchen – certainly not big enough for 5 of us really!

So this egg cup sized glass had the dry snow poured into it and was then topped up with water

Layton's eyes were close to popping out when he saw the snow appearing...and he touched – so I touched – and in turn so did the girls and then Pete – but Pete scooped some out and threw a snowball at me – so all hell broke loose!

It was like a carry on film – with tiny snowballs flying across the room...

But then...the pot falls over...every one just stands and stares as a pile of dry snow scatters across the kitchen floor

So I did what anyone would do – I think – I poured half a jug of water onto the dry snow and yes we got loads of it...so Layton steps in it and skidded before landing on his bottom...oh we did laugh...it really was good old belly laughs – side splitting laughter...and it went on for around half an hour until Layton was bored falling over with every step.

It was only then when we attempted to clean it all up we found it is was similar to silicone – so just would not clear up.

In the end as much as possible was swept up then it took almost 2 bottles of Mr Muscle and Flash kitchen sprays to get the floor clean!!! It honestly was like a skating rink!!!

Shortly after that Layton wanted to go home to play with his new toys so Pete took them...

What a fab Christmas Day....

But the joy continued for us as we are huge fans of Chumbawamba who sadly had their last ever performance on 31st October 2012 and we couldn't get tickets – but thankfully they did get the whole show recorded and the DVD was released 2 weeks ago – it was the perfect pressie for Pete so we sat down and watched that 2 hour performance and what a bloody good performance it was too...

It had old and new members and they sang song after song – all the songs we know from all their albums

Phew...a real Christmas to remember for us.

As I said we had lots of beautiful presents = everyone a surprise and there is nothing at all I didn't want or like

But I have amazing friends too so I will add thanks here to

LIZ – that die was the one I drooled after – thank you

PAULA – I love the smellies but that stamp set was fab – thanks

PAM – I adore the smell of Lavender and that was one hell of a gift – thank you so much.

And lastly...a huge thank you to Barbara W from UK ATC Group, I joined in the 12 days of Christmas swap – so we had to buy 11 smaller crafty items and for day 12 a special gift...then we were given a partner to send to...my partner was Barbara

I thoroughly enjoyed opening my pressies every day and every single present was so useful to me...I am so happy with it all – I just hope you are with what I sent you Barbara..

I am going to finish here now or I will be writing my first book!!!

So I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas Day

Be here again tomorrow


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