Saturday, 29 December 2012

Changing Room

Hi again

No card today I'm afraid!

I got up this morning and decided I was going to do something with this craft room.

When Katie gave me all her craft items she also gave me her desk with shelves to go up the wall – she had them all made to her requirements and I know they will make a big difference to my craft room too.

So I started to move everything from my big shelving unit and desk – everything was neatly pile up at the other side of my room.

I had to take the desk to pieces – I suppose I could have offered it free and had takers but I didn't have the time and also when you offer something for free you would think someone would jump and say thanks – but from experience I get how big, condition, can you store it for a while – will you deliver etc – so now its good for firewood and nowt else!!!

I brought the very heavy desk pieces in from the other room and soon had it all put together – but I couldn't lift or flip it so had to ask for Pete's help!

We got it in place – and the shelves – then found I couldn't get the monitor in the section it had to change of plan...

I moved a large set of plastic drawers with rubber stamps in out to the other side of the room – spun the under unit table that came with the desk into the space where drawers had been an balanced one of the shelf units over it and it meant the printer would fit there too....

Well I have filled and unfilled the bloody shelves – Pete would pop up here and say the under unit isnt strong enough to hold all that were on the shelves – have to admit I filled one of the shelves with A3, 12x12, 14x14 and 16x16 card – around 600 sheets in now thats back on the A3 card storage unit!

As you can imagine – this room is a tip...I worked so hard on it but knew it would take me 3 or 4 days in all.

We got the PC set up and it kept dying on me – Pete would sort it do something and again it would die – got it going but printer wouldnt work – seems I put the plug in the wrong place at back of the printer – anyway in the end got the printer and the PC going perfectly

Had a message from my neighbour to say her son and his partner had just had a baby boy so found a kit – printed it out and sat and made the card while watching tv.

Came to print a single sheet to make a quick card only to find my external drive isnt showing up – have had to call on crafty friends to help out – and quickly!!!

The day has seen me in considerable pain – many of you will know I had a total knee replacement in March 2010 – its wasnt a success so Im now waiting to have the kneecap on that knee replaced...well when I was breaking down the old desk I somehow managed to strike that knee on a shelf – boy did it hurt!!!!!!! So now I have a knee in 50 shades...but why if its a metal knee does it hurt like hell when knocked????

And one of the plastic shelves slipped down my arm taking the skin from the wrist and 2 or 3cms of my inner wrist – ouch – now that is sore!

And I've just got out of a hot lavender bubble bath – but when I put my hands and arms in they stung like crazy – cannot believe how many niks, cuts, scrapes etc I have....

On that note I will sign off for today....and will try get some pics of the 3 or 4 cards I have got made up to share

Bye for now


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