Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hello friends
No card today because I thought it was about time I treated you all to something as a thank you for following my blog and giving me the encouragement to keep it going!
I follow lots of blogs and have noticed that the blogs that are active like mine tend to do give-aways on a very regular basis
Well I am thinking of doing that too – but as I can really only offer decoupage sheets, backing papers and pyramage sheets that I make myself or a finished card it will have to be a monthly give away
So how about the 1st week of each month?
I would love to hear from you as to what you think would be a good give-away...I'd happily do a small crafty gift if that's what you would like...
So let us whittle this down
1 – a set of sheets made my me – that would be to everyone as it would be featured on the blog
2 – a handmade card that is featured – this would have to go to someone who comments – I could put all the names in the hat and winner gets the card....
3 – a crafty parcel – again all comments in the hat and winners gets the parcel
In fact if you want I could just do a set of sheets each month but as I started off saying – you tell ME what you want
After all this is OUR blog.
Right to the calendars
I have made them so feel free to save and print as many as you want!
If you have a photograph that you would like adding to a calendar just email me and I will do it for you.
Back again tomorrow with some creation or another to share


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  1. Thank you for the calenders and what a great choice of them all....Wynn x