Saturday, 12 January 2013

Pamper Yourself

For my birthday I received an amazing card from my lovely friends on our craft forum Ukandocrafts
It had been made by our resident birthday card moderator Pam and I have to say I was bowled over by it.
So naturally I needed to know more – I opened and closed it – looked through it top to bottom – side to side – but couldnt work it out
So I emailed Pam to thank her and asked how she made was a kit
Turns out there are 13 in the series – guess what? I now have them all..
They are from and the kits were designed by Sue Douglas
So I have now made one up myself so you can all see just how fab they are
This card is called 3d Room With A View PAMPER YOURSELF
I printed off the 7 pages of instructions and 6 pages to form the kit
Having read the instructions thoroughly and then checked out all the pieces on the sheets I felt ready to go
The instructions say that just the 4 supports need to be strengthened so have to be stuck to card stock then cut out
I must add there is an awful lot of cutting out but putting together is so easy – you use a wet glue which I find unusual as most card making is done with double sided tape or a tape runner
As I never have the best results with PVA and plain paper I used photo glue – and that was when I fully understood why they stress wet glue – the inner panels take a fair bit to get perfectly lined up and double sided tape doesn't allow that
I haven't added any glitter or further embellishment as yet but I think I will when I decided what – if anything I plan to do with it...
Oh and another winner factor with this kit – it is flat when finished and it fits nicely into an 8x8 envelope
I have printed off 8 or 9 sets so the ladies at class can have a go at making them...
All comments welcomed!



  1. Love it. They are different and very impressive when made up.

  2. This card really has the 'Wow' factor, Angie. Love it. xx

  3. Stunning card Angie. Love it. It looks tricky to make but you say it's easy lol xxx Wynn xxx