Thursday, 10 January 2013

Some ATCs

I do have a few cards to share but as I have a stinking headache and just cant be bothered I'm taking an easy option
I decided instead I would share a few of the new atcs I have made this week
I love the La Pashe petite sheets which are great for atcs – they are real cute teddy bears – and who doesn't like a teddy?
At the moment most of them as still in my box of ready to swap atcs so if you like any of them and wish to swap just let me know!
And the others are Superhero's – I made a few for a group swap and my good friend Ann commented on how she loved them and wanted a Batman so at the start of the week I post out 3 super hero atcs which telling her they were on the way
Naturally Ann was chuffed to bits by them!!
For anyone who does make atcs and would like to start swapping or doing monthly themes why not join our facebook group – just go to facebook and in the search box put
Make & Trade ATC's UK
Apply to join and I will take it from there!!
Right friends – that's it!!
Enjoy the pictures



  1. Those Superhero ATCs really are the bees knees!!!

  2. They are all great, Angie. I particularly love the little teddy bear ones. So cute. xx