Saturday, 5 January 2013

Update from Friday...

I will be sharing another card later but thought I should explain what's happened
For some unknown reason I couldn't add photographs to my blog – the browse box just wasn't showing
I searched and read loads of so called help files but nothing worked
I spent around 3 hours on Thursday trying to add photographs
Then Friday saw me reading more and more and finally I thought I had found what I needed – only thing was it didn't work and also kicked me out of google mail
So hubby spent over 6 hours last night just trying to get me back into my google emails and onto Blogger as when I tried to get in to my blog it came up as error this does not exist! But in the end we got there....after 1am today.
Today my pal Nicky called to see me – she lives in New Holland and knows quite a bit about computers so I explained what had happened and she thinks it may have been down to the last update – my pc is set to automatically update
So we reset the PC to before the update – everything was fine – except blogger.
As a last resort I have downloaded and used Opera and at least it allows me to add photographs to the blog even though Blogger keeps telling me it doesn't like the current operating system...I keep telling Blogger – give me back the browse box and I will gladly return to IE...
So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to why my blog has suddenly stopped giving me a browse box to add pictures please do let me know
Catch up later...I hope!

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