Saturday, 31 January 2015

To Upset To Craft


At the moment I don’t have a card to share – and not sure if I will end up finished one I was doing.
I started one earlier this morning but had my twin daughters Nicky and Vicky and my wonderful grandson Layton coming over for the day, my hubby had gone over to Hull to collect them
So my day has been taken up chattering and we did some baking this afternoon....
My intentions were once they went home I would have a good tidy in the craft room as we have played with dies and the Cameo so the floor was covered in bits...I had finished the hovering and decided to put out some boxes which I thought might have my encaustic iron in and that led to something else and so on till my floor was covered in boxes and storage wallets
My phone rang but I ignored it as it was at the other side of the room, then a text came through so I thought hubby had been held up or maybe just asking did I want any shopping picking up....
I certainly wasn’t prepared for the text I received, basically it was from my best friend’s hubby telling me she had been involved in a car accident yesterday on her way back from her daughters and was in hospital, she has some nasty injuries but at least she has her is the time i really wish I could drive as she is in hospital miles away from here...even if I get the train tomorrow I have no idea how long it will take, I have asked her hubby if he is going over to visit could i have a lift, I never thought that he was already there – he had a call at work last night so went straight from work and has stayed with her.
One very very sad thing though the beautiful black Labrador puppy Boe hubby bought her early December as a Christmas gift sadly didn’t survive the crash. Boe travels in a dog crate at the back of the car.
As you will appreciate, I am so upset that I can’t be there with her today but hopefully I will either get to visit her one way or another or will have to wait until she gets home.
Bye for now

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  1. Big big hugs Angie and I hope all is will very soon
    hugs to her family too, so sorry to hear about boe so his pic earily in Jan xxx