Friday, 9 January 2015

Kiss Me Quick!


Well it’s been a very windy day here in New Holland and I believe it to be the same all over the country for today, hopefully it will die down soon.
Today I have made a Valentine’s Day card, I thought as I need to be making card to stock pile I may as well get a start on some Valentines.
I was browsing some files and folders a few days ago and came across a sheet by Paper Creator, check them out at
The sheet had 5 heart themed toppers in different sizes and then a small flower topper and a blank, I used the largest heart as well as the flower and blank panels

To make this card I used a sheet of A4 matt black soft touch card which was folded to make an A5 card. I am using the card in landscape for this design.

I covered the card front leaving a narrow border at the bottom and both sides with a backing paper that looks white on the photo’s, it is actually palest pink and has 3cm hearts all over it.
Using a sheet of normal black card I cut 3 panels which measured 5cm x 13cm, rounded the corners using the corner chomper and stuck them to the card, leaving a gap between each panel, then I used some white with red hearts backing paper, cut out 3 panels measuring 4.6 x 12.5 cms, rounded the corners and then stuck to the black panels using double sided tape.

The large heart topper was trimmed and matted with black card, the corners were rounded on both the mat and the topper, and I used double sided tape. The topper was then taped onto the 2 black panels at an angle.
The flower topper and blank topper were both trimmed down to 5cm square, corners rounded and matted to black card which was 5.4cm and again rounded the corners.

I used double sided tape to attach the black topper to the last long panel, I positioned it in a diamond shape style, then stuck the flower panel in the same way overlapping the blank topper slightly.

I searched my small sentiments box and found several useable things, a pink tag shaped sentiment saying Kiss Me Kick which I attached to the bottom right hand corned securing in place with a brad with a lovely black stone in the centre .

I cut down a sentiment so I was left with Love and this was added to the top of the panel above the heart, and in the corner of the heart topper I added a lovely cream pearl heart gem.

On the blank topped I glued a cerise pink mirri oval printed “With Love” in the centre then over the overlapping toppers I added “Be Mine” and finally below the flower was “I small heart U
To finish this card I simply added an amber coloured ab gem to the flower centre!
This card is so out of my comfort zone but I am determined to make more of MY cards...this was my 1st... What do you think to it please?
Well I had better get myself motivated as its time I was in the kitchen starting on the Korma for tonight’s meal
Catch up again tomorrow
Keep safe and warm

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