Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Meadow Love

Good Evening

I bought a lovely new bundle of kits yesterday from The Printable Craft Shop
If you want value for money, excellent choice and perfect print outs time and again then I recommend you take a look – be warned – there is so much to chose from it might take you some time!
The bundle I bought this time was the Asymmetric Bundle, here is link direct to it
I couldn’t wait to get started and my 1st card was Meadow Love, it has 6 sheets in all, a backing paper, envelope back and front, card base sheet, insert sheet and finally the decoupage elements
Because my printer doesn’t print onto heavy card I have to print the sheet, trim it off a little then use Crafters Companion stick and spray to cover the back with adhesive, then I stick the sheet to my 300gsm white card.

Its then that I start to cut out the base card, once cut out I used my X-Cut V Trimmer to score the card – because it’s an Asymmetric card it seemed odd scoring but I have to say I am addicted to them now.
Once the card was scored I trimmed the insert to fit and used double sided tape to stick it to the card, I also used double sided tape to stick the panel that fitted on the reverse of the image.

Next I was sticking the side panel in place – I am finding it difficult to get the right sticky pads, I did a search of my adhesive drawers and got excited when I found 15 sheets of rectangle sticky pads, not something I would normally use but as I was covering a large area these were perfect – except, they had no sticky left on them, so rather than just bin them I put a blob of Cosmic Shimmer pva onto my glass cutting mat and used a paint brush to lightly apply pva to the pads then stuck the panel in place.
Next it was the main panel for the card front so again I used the non sticky sticky pads and pva glue

When it came to sticking the decoupage elements to the card I used small sticky pads.
For the butterfly I used a little pva to stick the body in place and the bee was stuck in place with sticky pads but I cut the wings and left them unstuck so both the bee and the butterfly look as though they are in flight – I need to glitter the wings and other parts of the design but the light wasn’t so good so better to leave then to spoil.

I like the idea that the cards come with matching envelopes, and they are so easy to make up – I printed the 2 sheets and cut out. The envelope back has 2 score lines which are the sides, and the front of the envelope has 2 score lines, the bottom and the fold over at the top!
I used Cosmic Shimmer pva glue to make the envelope as it gave me the option to slide around until I was happy it was in place!

So there we have a lovely cute card that is suitable for any age and any occasion, I love it.
I have printed out my next set so will work on that this evening.
Before I go I would like to point out the photos were taken just after I finished make the card and you can see where I have used the pva on the panels, this is not noticeable now it’s completely dry.
If you like the look of this bundle just follow the link above – and it’s worth mentioning you get loyalty points for all purchases so simply register and get shopping...I did and not looked back!
See you again tomorrow


  1. Angie this is a brilliant blog post, thank you so much! I saw the first photo and actually said 'wow'...to see these cards made up is fantastic. Thank you for explaining how you made it and how to revive dried up foam strips! I look forward to reading more...I'll share this on our Facebook page, Twitter, Google etc and anywhere else I can think of.

  2. Aww, looks fab. So glad you like the set.
    Great tip for the foam pads!