Saturday, 17 January 2015

Trifold With Butterflies

Good evening - this may lok very different to my normal text but I sent off a kit to a friend Ann and then emailed her these instructions and photos so thought I may as well save time and copy it!
Take the 3 sheets of card and your score board, using a score tool and a sheet of card at a time and score on the DL line number 5, turn the card 180 degree's and score on the same line - you will have 3 panels all the same size - repeat on the other 2 sheets of card.

The sheet of white card is the base card so place it on your work space with long sides at top and bottom.

Using your pencil and ruler mark from the bottom up the left hand short side and mark at approx. 8.5cm.

Then make a mark at the top of the middle section on the fold line, draw a faint line between the 2 marks and then cut of the top (look at the photos to get a better idea if instructions are confusing)

Now using the 2 sheets of blue card start by cutting them both on the score lines - you now have 3 light blue and 3 dark blue pieces.
The dark blue pieces need to be trimmed slightly so that when placed on the white panels you can see the narrow white border all around. I tend to remove about 0.5 of a centimetre then try it.

You want the full length for the right hand panel, for the centre panel if you look at the photo you will see its as though you are working on the reverse, so again trim using the same 0.5 cm method, and then you need to shape the top...when I did mine I placed the card behind the panel, pencil a line then cut off that top piece and then work at trimming the bottom.

On to the smallest panel which is the front panel, mark this is the same way as the middle panel.
You do exactly the same with the lighter blue but remember this is 0.5cm smaller than the dark blue - or 1cm smaller than base card!.
I started decorating from the front to the back. I actually glued the edges of the light blue card on  the wrong side so had to flip it over and used peel off border to cover the glue marks

So Icarefully cut out the embossed and stamped shape, if you have some blue ink or chalk you can colour lightly or just used a coloured pen on the outline to define the image then stick this to the bottom of the panel and add gems (in the pack) to the image if you wish.
To make the rose I started by taking one of the spiral shapes, I used 2 different shades of blue promarker to colour both sides. To make you need a quilling tool of a cocktail stick, start at the outside of the spiral and simply roll the spiral over the stick until you get to the centre, remove stick and let the flower unwind a touch if you would it tightly, then put a blob of pva on the flat piece and sit the flower on it, hold in place a few seconds for the glue to bite. Then using the stick or tool again carefully roll each petal over the tool or stick. You can do this to as many petals as you wish.
I coloured 2 leaves and then stuck the leave and rose about the embossed image.
Next I gathered the butterflies and coloured them in a range of colours then stuck a small and 2 bigger on the middle panel, I only glue the butterfly bodies so the wings can be lifted and shaped. Because I some how managed to mark the back of the front panel and had spare butterflies I stuck then on the body only.
So all that's then left is the back panel, this was trimmed to fit on the pale blue panel, I managed to trim it to short but used it all the same. I had a heart corner punch so punched the 4 corners and stuck it on the card.

I will just add that I used Perfect Pearl Mist in Pefect Pearl, it was a good way of add a shine to the butterflies without using glitter.

Be back tomorrow

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