Monday, 26 January 2015

Owl Of Stone By Ann

Good evening

Today I want to show you something that arrived in the post last Friday
It came in a jiffy bag with 4 postage stamps and I was quite baffled as I thought I recognised the hand writing on the jiffy bag but couldn’t think what it could be!
On opening the jiffy bag out popped the lovely seaside pebble/stone with my good friend Ann’s artwork

Looking at the stone it really is a good shape for drawing an owl...
I love it and it now has a place in my craft room window sill so I see it at least twice a day...
When I open the curtains in the morning and draw them again in the evening!

I have added the date I received the gift alongside when Ann had written
Don’t you all think it’s a lovely stone too?

I must apologise for not having a card to share today – I spent ages cutting out a sheet with the decoupage then added it to a card blank and thought how different it would be to actually cut around the design – so I did just that, remembering to make sure a good section was along the fold, once it was done I opened the card – perfect...not...cos it wouldn’t stand up now I had shaped the base!
So it’s back to basics for me!
My eyes are playing up today, I am getting blared vision so gave up trying to make a 2nd instead you got the owl of stone!!
Be back again tomorrow with something new

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