Thursday, 22 January 2015



Today I have Handbags, and I am sure you will love these as not many ladies can say they don’t like handbags!

These are kits from Craftsuprint and were designed by Sandie Burchell. And the 1st one is called Beige Plaid, the 2nd is called??? I just cannot find the kit sorry, and the kits all consist of 3 sheets of printing, that’s one sheet for the main bag, one sheet is the matching insert and the last sheet has the handles, butterflies, front & back flaps.

I trimmed around the main card, the back and front flaps, handles and the tag, sprayed the back of the elements with stick & stay then pressed them onto an A4 sheet of white 350gsm card.
Next I cut out all the pieces I had just stuck onto the white card. I scored the main handbag across the centre fold line then carefully cut out 2 small sections on the fold where the handles went. The handles were cut out then I used Cosmic Shimmer pva to stick the handles together, to ensure they were dry I used some small bulldog clips and left unto everything else was ready.

The 2 flaps were cut out and I put small sticky pads all over them ready to go on the bag itself once the handles were put in place. I cut out tags and stuck them together using the pva glue and the bulldog clips. While I was waiting I cut out the 4 butterflies then on 1 large and 1 small I used a Sakura quickie glue pen to highlight sections of the wings then covered with glamour dust, tapped away the excess and then put to one side.

Now the handles are dry so I carefully slotted the tabs through the slits and then turned the card over, using red double sided tape I covered the tabs on either side of the handle then removed the backing tape and closed the card, this was the best way to get both piece stuck in the right place, I turned the card over, removed the backing from back sides of teh handle and then closed the now I have the bag with a handle!

 I removed the backing from all the sticky pads on the flaps and then stuck them in place on the handbag, then used pva on the 2 butterflies that weren’t glittered and stuck them onto the front flap, then ran the pva just along the body of the glittered butterfly and stuck over the flat one, this lets the wing flap when touched. I glued a 10mm mink coloured pearl to the brown bag and a 10mm clear ab gem to the black & white bag.

I punched a hole through the tag then slotted a piece of ribbon to match the main colour of the bag and tied it around the handle to finish.

Something I did do that I haven’t mentioned was run around all the edges with a promarker that was as near to the bag colour as possible, it just looks nicer than the white of the card showing, it’s a personal choice, I know some people really don’t like it.

Well I hope you like the 2 bags, I have the printer working away as I need to get plenty made up as they are great for friend’s birthdays or just to send with a chatty letter inside!

See you again tomorrow...
Haven’t yet decided what I will be making but my head is full of ideas so be sure to pop in again soon

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