Monday, 24 September 2012

Vampire Greetings!!!!


Today I am sharing one of a few Halloween cards I have been asked to make.

As its not something I have made before I was a little stuck so it was a trip to armed with a 10% off voucher and bingo...I found a few that appealed to me

This is called Vampire Greetings Shaped Card and is by Card Buddys and reasonably priced at £1.45 especially as it contains the main card, choice of several inserts, 2 sheets with decoupage and greetings, a backing sheet and 2 sheets for the envelope!!!

So materials for this card I used ….

Heat mat to work on and protect your surface

Black A4 card stock

Printed card base

Glossy Accents

Double sided tape

Sticky pads

Crafters Companion Stick & Stay

To make the card ...

I roughly cut the base sheet out then sprayed the back with Crafters Companion Stick & Stay, waited the 30 seconds they recommend then popped onto a sheet of black A4 card.

I cut out the base card and scored along the centre line

At this stage it is better to check that when the card is closed the back and front of the card are all cut properly.

I did consider printing the backing paper and adding to the card but decided the black card looked striking so was a shame to cover it up.

The insert was carefully cut out and just like the main card I scored on the score line then checked the front and back were all lined up

The insert was then stuck inside the card using a small piece of double sided tape along the fold line.

Now I started cutting the decoupage out – it was easy to cut out so great for any age group – once it was all cut out I shaped the top pieces slightly then added medium sized sticky pads to the back of all pieces of decoupage

After removing the backs of the pads I built up the decoupage.

Once it was all done I added glossy accents to the beady eyes and fangs then the bat and top of the pumpkin

The card was put to one side for a few hours to dry completely

I cut the 2 sheets out that make up the envelope and then scored all the fold lines

Added a length of double sided tape to all tabs except the main fold of the envelope – when I removed the backing I ran a Pritt stick across the sticky which gave me the option of lifting and repositioning if I didn't get it right

Once I was happy it was in the right place I simply pressed down the seams with my finger

I am pretty sure Ann will be pleased with Halloween card number 1...we may get to see Halloween card number 2 tomorrow....

See you tomorrow


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