Thursday, 6 September 2012



I am sharing a very unusual but fab card that I have been sent!

It came with some ATC's for the August swap on Crafty Aly's facebook group

The atcs were great but this card is amazing!
I took it into class this afternoon to show the ladies and they all loved it too

So its a huge thank you to....


You did it again lass – last time it was the quad easel and now this!

So how do I describe this card????

Well its triangular – sort of...

The beauty of it is it simply folds down to fit into an A5 envelope!

It is made up of just 3 pieces of card 6x6 and all 3 are folded just once from one corner to its opposite corner

The skill is in putting it together

Yvonne used a circle of velcro to hold the last pieces together

It is decorated on all 3 sides but then on the 2 sides that show inside the card too!!!

Wish I could explain what I am trying to get over to you...

I have taken lots of piccies so I hope you can make sense of them and my poor explanation!

I think I will do a photo/written tutorial of this card tomorrow...

I know its short – but you have lots of photo's to make up for it!

Til tomorrow then....


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  1. Hi Angela, glad you liked the card, it is called a tepee card, tickle my fancy with my love of Native american Indians. Very simple to make, but oh so effective.