Sunday, 16 September 2012

Catch A Wish


What a fantastic weekend!

The bus ride to York was ok – got picked up and travelled off to Skipton where we had a wander around Samuel Taylor's –

do you know its one of those shops – erm a craft shop

Where you walk around and thinks just “land” in you shopping basket!!!

Still I only bought what I know I will use – sooner or later!!!

Got home late this afternoon but I think the very late nights and extremely early morning – plus the long journey has taken it out of me!

I am so achy and uncomfortable – but nothing a nice long hot bath and my won bed wont sort out I'm hoping!!!

I've not got a card today but it is a piece of art I have created

A short time ago I went off to the craft show at Donnington and met a fab MDF seller

His work is amazing and I ended up buying several thinks – among them was a lovely little pencil holder

As it was MDF it was great for altering and colouring

So I started by colouring the sides and base with B&Q Funky Colour testers pots – this pot was called VIVID Metallic Effects

I simply used a 1cm brush that was actually bought a few years ago for use with adding fibre glass to something – it hadn't been used so was perfect for my needs

I gave the pencil holder a coat and left to dry

The next day I re coated the box and set aside to completely dry out

To decorate the holder and make it personal to me, I covered all sides with some lovely fairy silhouette stickers that actually came to worth with a Flower Soft cd I bought

The holder had things like Catch a Wish and fairies in last of different stances.

I love the new look pencil holder – it will be kept on my craft work space – but just wish the stickers didn't leave the supposedly transparent edges that stand out like a sore thumb

Right thats it as I need my meds and bed I think....

I made around 8 nice cards when away so will be sharing them over the next week or so

Bye for today folks


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  1. That looks really super Angie! And I adore the metallic purple background you chose - really funky! Pauline x