Friday, 21 September 2012

Christmas ....


The card I am sharing today is one I love – I had cut the decoupage out and made it up some time ago so when I was up in the night a few days ago I went rummaging through the ready to make box and saw this

Then I put it away again – mainly because I just couldn't see how I was going to turn this into a card – never mind a nice card

But then picked it up again – grabbed a folder that was to hand and filled with backing papers I have printed off and some time and started to match paper & image

When I came to the faded tartan I loved it

So materials for this card I used ….

8x8 white card blank

A sheet of printed tartan paper

A length of gold sparkly ribbon with a spare piece for bow

And a length of patterned gold mirri card

Martha Stewart Snowflake border punch

Sakura quickie glue pen

Glamour dust

To make the card ...

I trimmed the paper to fit the card front

Using the border punch I started at the centre of the right hand side – punched down the strip then back to the centre and worked up until I had the border complete

I used the strip of patterned mirri card – it was approx 21cms x 2cms

I used a narrow red double sided tape to attach the strip behind the punched border without seeing the sticky.

To the left side of the backing paper I used a length of gold ribbon – turned it over about 2cm at top and bottom and secured behind the paper

Using the 2nd piece of ribbon I folded it to form a simple loop then pressed in the centre and wrapped a small piece of ribbon around it

This was attached to the centre of the ribbon

Double sided tape was placed all around the back of the tartan backing paper, backing removed and then centralised on the card blank.

All that was left was to add the main image which fitted perfectly between the ribbon border and punched border.

It was secured with wide double sided tape.

A quickie glue pen was used to highlight snow and snowy areas which then had glamour dust sprinkled over it

A perfect finished card!!

Sorry but I have no idea where the sheet was from or who designed it!

See you tomorrow


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  1. A really beautiful card, Angie. I love the colours. x