Wednesday, 12 September 2012



What a night!

We put the baby ferrets – no longer babies really but hey ho – into the big run and they had a tasty treat – they love been in the run as its about 20 times bigger than their hutch – I have pipes, tubes, water baths etc in it for them...

I stood up for some reason and happened to spot the male running loose around the run so panicked...

Pete ran out and caught him, put him in his hutch and looked for the little female – checked the run, the tubes and pipes nothing

Checked the hutch and their bed – nothing

We knew she hadn't gone down the garden as the big birds would have made the biggest noise seeing something like that running around – after all the birds are hunters

So we checked the shed, the gardens at either side of us – nothing

Sadly we have to admit she has gone...and just hope that she turns up somewhere.

I came up stairs to sort out the blog and Pete was walking the dogs – he came back with Wil & Fern then went out to walk Charlie – he has just come back to say the female ferret was in the run....all we can think is she was snuggled up in the bend of one of the tubes...

I don't really care where she was the good news is she is safe and back in her hutch!!!

Right – to the card for today

I belong to the Jammi Panda's RAK group on facebook so every month we are given a theme or a set of sheets and told what we have to do with them

This time it was a decoupage sheet with cats, paw prints and tags, a backing sheet which was wood effect and a matching insert

I have had this set since around 3rd week in August – it was all printed out but I had no ideas at all – I think its as much because I personally don't like the image

Last night I came into the craft room to switch everything off as I was having an earlier night seen as Pete was out – well the sheets were just there and without thinking I just picked them up and this is the end result – I know I had previously cut out and made up the decoupage – but this card took me less than 10 minutes to complete and all in all I don't think it looks too bad really

So I started by folding a sheet of blue metallic card to form my A5 card blank

I trimmed the backing paper to fit the card – then used a Tonic punch to decorate the outside edges

The paper was then stuck to the card with double sided tape

I matted the decoupaged image onto a piece of pearlised blue card then stuck to the card again with double sided tape

I then cut out 2 paw prints and both tags as well as a strip of the wood effect paper that was on the sheet – I stuck the September RAK tag to a piece of the pearlised blue card and trimmed it close then using a craft knife I made a slit at both edges of the tag and also on the paw prints.

The strip of paper was then slotted through the right side of the tag under it then up the left side – I used sticky pads to put the tag in place – then slotted the strip through the paw at the left side – cut off the excess and added a sticky pad to the back of the paw which I then stuck down at an angle

I repeated for the right hand side.

Narrow strips of acetate were used to attach the other tag to the top of the card – I secured the acetate on the inside of the card and let it flop over the top...

To decorate the front I used a quickie glue pen and highlighted the white parts of the cats and sprinkled with iridescent glamour dust then used the glue pen on the text of the top tag and sprinkled with gold glamour dust

The insert was put in the card then I went back to the front and used glossy accents on the cats eyes and nose – the pads of the paw prints and then the text of the lower tag

Its all wrote and ready to be posted to my RAK partner in the morning

More from me tomorrow....


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  1. I just love it!! I have a special place for all things feline, and the images on this are brilliant! Totally my type of card!
    Pauline x