Wednesday, 5 September 2012



Its been a funny day – hubby had a doctors appointment at midday so we decided to do a few bits and pieces then head off for his appointment.

I have been saying for some time I would like some tester pots of paint as I want to colour the set of drawers that took forever to make up and when I went off to the Craft Festival I bought lots of mdf plaques and shapes so they are on the to do list

Time really ran away with us so in the end we did one or two things then the doctors and on to the Range to collect the latest Creativity magazine – not a fan of the mag but the stamps that came free where worth having!

Then we went to B&Q and lucky for me they were doing 3 for 2 on all tester pots – and the choice was amazing – I only wanted 2 - but came away with 6 – mind you that was only £4.40 so great value.

By the time we got home it was around 1.30pm and hubby had to get the birds ready for a display in an old folks home.

I came to the craft room armed with all my happy post that had arrived – lots of yummy new stamps and more wooden stuff to decorate!

What a mess this craft room is – I so hate it now!!!

Ended up spending 4 hours and although I got loads done and was happy with it – just looking round it looks as though its never been touched for weeks!!

You know the program grime fighters – they go into places where hoarders have lived and you say to yourself how on earth does a room get that bad? Well...

No my room isn't like that at all

But it is still all upside down..

I looked at some great heavy card storage boxes – they were about 12x12 and maybe 10” high – I loved them but what's the use of buying those?

I had the clear plastic boxes in A6, A5, A4 and 12x12 but I have just emptied them and sold the boxes and most of the contents so its a waste to then buy solid boxes that I couldn't see what's in them

So I haven't a card to share today – sorry...instead I am going to share the photo's of this dump of a craft room...if anyone wants to see the "BEFORE" I started photos let me know!!!!

At least then you will understand just how I feel...

I have a sheet all printed and I know exactly what I want to do so hopefully you will see that tomorrow...

Once again I am so sorry I have no card to share

Hope I will still see you tomorrow



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