Thursday, 22 March 2012

Swinging Pansies

Today I am back to normal with sharing a card!

This card is from a new style of kits from and it is designed by
Robyn Cockburn – they are called 3d Sphere Kits

The kit is just 4 sheets in all – that's 2 for the card and 2 for the envelope!

I would add if you have these kits, its worth printing out the instructions and reading through before you start – its not that the card is hard – it will just save reprinting...

As I always print to my 128gsm matt photo paper I used the Crafters Companion Stick & Stay to stick the sheet to card stock then cut out – which was what I did with this kit


Had I read the instructions I would have known to just stick ONE sheet to the card stock as when its cut out page one and page two stick back to back – because I had stuck both to card stock it was super thick – yes it worked out ok, but it was so difficult cutting out with the thickness!

All you do is cut around a fake line on all pieces then use photo glue to stick the pieces back to back... once its set you then cut away all the white bits until you are left with large outer circles, medium inner circles and the main image topper

There are clear cut marks on the outer and medium inner circles to cut so they circles can be slotted into each other to form a 3d dome

Once you have the shape you need a needle and thread – there are 3 coloured dots on the sheet which are poked through with a pokey tool... you then stitch through the top of the outer circle into the edge of the medium circle and secure.

Lastly pierce the hole on the image and stitch that to the top hole on larger circles until you are happy the image if free of all sides!

Secure the ends of threads and cut them short so they aren't seen...

All you have left to do is embellish if you wish – and used the base of the dome to write your message on...

The envelope is very straight forward to make and matched perfectly!

The card and envelope are quick and easy to make and really do look good....I think I could get addicted to them – good thing there are loads in the series I think....

Same place tomorrow???

Hope so...


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