Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Friendship Heart

Hi again...

Today's card is a bit of a mystery really – its such a pretty design but it has no info attached in any way so don't know where it was purchased from – and I cant even give credit to the sheet designer – so if you are looking and recognise your work, please let me know so I can give you deserved credit for the sheet!

I decided to use a plain white a5 card blank which I then added a mat of pretty peach pastel backing paper – I left a border all round and cut the edges with deckle edge blade in my trimmer....I then used an orange ink pad to edge around the whole card...this takes away all the whiteness...

Next I cut the main image from the sheet, used a Dreamweaver stencil brush and added colour all around the edges – I used a red and an orange Distress Ink Pad and then attached it to the top part of the card leaving an equal border all round

So to the decoupage – I cut it all out and then positioned in place using tiny sticky pads – I shaped the top pieces lightly before adding the pads!!!

Once I was happy with the decoupage all that was left was the decorating so as there was a big blank space I used the Craft Robo to cut out a lovely swirling flourish – I used a white card to cut them so they could be coloured with ink pads to match the overall card

Because my card was in reds and oranges I used the orange ink pad for the flourish then lightly dabbed the end leaves with the red pads...the flourish was actually too big to fit the card so I cut off two branches and simply tucked them into the top of the heart - once they had been coloured like the rest that is!!!

A very simple bow was made and added to the card then a quickie glue pen was used to pick out sections that I felt needed lifting with glitter – so when the pen was finished I sprinkle the card front with glamour dust for a lovely end result!!!
A great card – especially with the verse inside the heart....

See you next time....



  1. I really like this card can I have it please if it isn't already spoken for?