Sunday, 4 March 2012

Free Sheets


Well I'm sad to say that I still feel pretty rough so I wont be sharing a card again today


I have decided to treat you all – I hope – by sharing some of my OWN creations!

I have been making pyramid sheets and matching backing papers for a fair few years now and have lots of my own cds...

Feel free to save some or all of the sheets and if you happen to make anything from them I would love to see your creations!

Hopefully I will feel well enough to get a card sorted for you tomorrow

Bye for now...x...


  1. Your so good to your bloggers
    I hope your feeling well soon my friend this cold from hell is a killer, Im over the worst but its left me knackered I've no energy what so ever,
    keep warm and rest! is more important than card making at the mo

  2. Lovely sheets Angie,
    Thank you!! :) :)
    Mx ;)