Saturday, 17 March 2012

Golden Wedding!

Good Evening

Today I am sharing a beautiful Giant Easel Tableau creation I made recently for one of the ladies in my class...its not every day you make a Golden Wedding card is it?

So the kit was originally purchased from and was designed by Valerie Dawes

The kit is called simply Golden Wedding and has 6 sheets to print – I am sometimes reluctant to do so many but in this case I was glad I did!!! I printed through Picasa so I could add names to the hearts and also a verse to the base...

So after printing the sheets I decided which needed to be stuck to a sheet of card stock to make them sturdier.... I used my Crafters Companion Stick & Spray to this as its so quick and easy!

Then to the cutting out – I will just add here that I opted not to cut some sections – there were so small white flowers that were on all sections – but they were so faint and blurry I decided the card would be as nice without them!

I cut all my decoupage and made it up as I went wherever I could. The base of the easel needs to be cut with a knife so the front pop ups slot through and are secured underneath. I used the supports that are optional – and I am pleased I did as it really helped keep the front panels upright – when I have done these type of kits in the past I haven't always bothered then suffered as the card was completed because of falling sections!!!

The heart on the left front panel that I personalised was also sprayed with Crafters Companion Iridescent Glitter Spray and it made it stand out a treat!

I shaped the top pieces of decoupage which worked great as they were all flowers.....

There wasnt much more to do to this card once the decoupage was complete – it didn't scream out for glitter or glossy accents – or even gems!

Is it a case of less is more...I don't know!

One last thing – whenever I do these GET kits, I always print out smaller than full page – I have found when I use full page I cannot get a box or envelope big enough – even making them myself with the fab Crafters Companion Enveloplus...whereas a size down works well, I had to make an envelope for this so used my Crafters Companion 16x16 card and it is perfectly finished off!!!

Really hope you like this card – and more to the point – that Ena & John do...

Finally – Congratulations ENA & JOHN for your Golden Wedding Anniversary today 17th March 2012

Here are the photographs of todays card...

Until tomorrow then....

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