Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mums out there...

This might be a little naughty but today I thought I would share the beautiful cards and gifts I had from my 2 wonderful daughters Nicky & Vicky

Not forgetting my adorable grandson Layton....

Totally unexpected but wow did they make my day – talk about being spoilt!

We actually did Mother's Day yesterday after Layton's birthday party as I was going off to the Harrogate show today, Nicky was working and Layton had his daddy spending the day with him...

Where shall I start?

I got a lovely 2012 Me To You bear – my girls used to buy me one every Mother's Day so I had a lovely collection then sadly we had a break in and the bears were taken – so I had a couple from the past couple of years and now I have another to add! I adore this new shaggy look they have now – not really a huge fan of Me to You except the Mother's Day ones...

Then there was a lovely bunch of the prettiest pink selection of flowers with a novelty spring butterfly...I adore flowers and have to say this year I have had more time with flowers than without which is pretty good going!

I am a big kid when it comes to 1p sweets – give me Haribo sweets over chocolate any when I saw the bag of them in the big gift bag I whooped with joy!!! Told you I was a big kid!

The pretty pink cellophane gift – I know I should have opened it for the photo but just didn’t trust myself – this was a large glass – something along the lines of a straight pint glass – but it had been engraved with an owl and then To my Grandma on Mother's Day – it was over flowing with sweets and chocolates – drumstick lollies formed the side – my all time favourite sweet – then it was Haribo jellies, mini eggs and Thornton's chocolates...the glass was stood on a cd plate which was decorates with drumstick lollies...yummy!!!

I had 3 cards – one from both the girls, one from my grandson and the other was a pretty card the girls actually made me from them all!!

So you see, I really was spoilt - and I loved it!!!

I hope you too had a lovely day! After all - us mum's are worth it.....

The show today was a good one too – managed to get everything from my want list so was extra happy!!

See you tomorrow.... x ….

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  1. looks like you have been well spoiled