Thursday, 19 January 2012

Swirly Whirly

Today I am sharing someone elses work

I am going away shortly so have had to post early - and I thought I would cheat a little and add something that is lovely but quick to whizz through!!!

So I have called this card swirly whirly - it was a fab creation made by my grandson Layton aged 3 1/2

He had a fab swirl paint centre for Christmas and of course grandma had to have a go too...

So Layton choose the bright orange card to start with then we fixed the white square card into the paint station, switched it on and then it was simply a case of a drop of red paint towards the outer edge - as the station swirls round the paint is thrown across the card...

Next he used a blob of blue, then green and finally some yellow - the swirling really worked well!

As the paint was really wet he used my glamour dust to sprinkle over the design!!

Once the topper was off the station he dropped some clear gems into the wet glittered paint and pressed them flat!

I had to offer a little help with the peel off corners and the MUM sticker but he did the other bits himself...

The insert was his creation too....

He made this card when his mummy was rushed into hospital the day before New years Eve - needless to say mummy loved the card when he took it in for her!!

Could this be a crafter in the making? If I have anything to do with then YES!!!!

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