Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bear Hugs Photo Frame

Before I go any further I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who have taken the time to comment either on here, by email or from personal friends by text - I do appreciate them

My main concern is I am getting boring so people are no longer looking at what I am showing which is my reason for mentioning comments now and again...

So to today's project!

This is a kit from Crafts You Print by Amanda McGee

Its called Bear Hugs Photo Frame Kit

There are just 3 sheets and 2 for the envelope in this kit....the finished card is 5.5" x 5.5" (14x14cm)

I stuck the main card image to white card stock and cut out the central aperture taking care to cut inside the letters too.

 Once that was finished I scored down the centre and folded in half.

The sheet that has the decoupage on also has a square panel slightly smaller than the card itself and that attach's to the back of the aperture - but it only attached along the bottom, the left and the right had sides - the top is where the photograph is dropped in.

I carefully cut out the heart shaped decoupage then the word LOVE - this was more time consuming than difficult as I had to get inside the letters.

I slightly shaped the pieces before attaching to the card using tiny sticky pads...

The kit has a matching insert which I then popped inside - looking at it now I really should have printed my verse before cutting it out - but I will either stamp a verse or print something direct to Safmat and use that.

I didn't have a photo in mind for the finished card - but when I took the photos it was hard to actually see quite what it was as the back panel is the same design so it looked like a dull card!

Sat here in my craft room I just spotted a photo of my adorable grandson as a baby so took it off the wall and it was perfect - even the way he was facing made it look as though he was looking at the heart decoupage!!!

The envelope was simply 2 pieces of paper cut out and scored on the score lines shown, folded and stuck together with double sided tape - I was a tad disappointed as the front of the envelope appears very faded compared to the back and the rest of the card - it could just be my printer trying to save me some ink...I may well reprint it and do it again.,...

Thank you for looking - feel free to comment - and if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know....


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  1. You are certainly not getting boring. I so enjoy seeing what you have made each day and how you have put it together. Keep the good work up Angie.