Friday, 20 January 2012

Card With Bookmark

Hello again - here I am back refreshed from my wonderful night out at the Leeds Variety - the show was fantastic - we are still aching from laughing from start to finish - and nothing better than a good old sing song thrown in for good measure!

So today I am going to share a card I am unsure about at the moment - it was a sheet bought from Crafts You Print - I believe its called Birthday Bookmark and its by Tanya Hall

The reason I'm unsure about it is - fact I'm not going to say and you can tell me what you think...

I used a pale blue textured A5 card and mounted the base image to the centre.

Before I went any further I edged the card in holographic silver foil - I did this by placing narrow double sided tape all the way around the card, took off the backing one edge at a time and pressed the foil over it - smoothed down firmly then removed - I think it gives a nice edge and is so much cheaper and effective than peel offs....

There really isn't much to this sheet - the base image, a pocket and the bookmark front. The pocket was cut out and the 2 sides and bottom were scored and folded then attached to the base using strong double sided tape - the base image has a faded section to show where the pocket is to be attached.

So to the bookmark - I was disappointed to see there wasn't a back to the bookmark - which was a shame really as it could have simply been a strip of the dark blue spotted paper, it didn't have to have decoration on it....

So I used a scrap of decorative silver foil card to back it - punched a hole to the top and used fibres and a piece of ribbon to loop through it.

As there wasn't any decoupage at all the only think I could do was use Anita's gloss on the blue roses - I used it on the card, the pocket and the bookmark and it does stand out nicely.

I had thought about using a quickie glue pen and gold glamour dust on the gold spots - and a friend suggested using small gold coloured gems - but I decided against both as I don't think this card will ever be used!

And sadly - that is the end of this ... as I said at the start...I am not keen on this card, because.....

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