Thursday, 5 January 2012

Red Poppies

As you may have noticed, I am making and sharing kits that I have bought from Crafts You Print

The reason for the kits is I have to make and send around 21 cards in January so what better way to decide what I am doing

This way I get the chance to try new kits and see what i like and don't like - and of course share them with you so you too can decide - like - dislike!

And the finished cards are not get stock piled as they are made for a reason - like many card makers, I love to make cards so have boxes full of ready made ones - that I rarely get to use so occasionally I pass a bundle over to help charity fund raising events

So today's kit from Crafts You Print is called

Red Poppies Shadow Box Kit

The kit has 3 main sheets and 2 sheets for the matching envelope.

I roughly cut out the elements from the sheets then stuck them to my white card stock - normally I would spray the full sheet and attach but I didn't need all the sentiments, and the decoupage poppies, bag and shoes as well as the back panel on card as they would have been too thick to cut out neatly.

So once I had everything cut out I scored the lines as indicated in the instructions - when I first read the instructions I was lost - but once it was all laid out in front of me it made perfect sense.

So the base layer has 5 score lines along the long edges which are valley and mountain folds alternately.

Once that was done and I had a sharp crease I added a length of double sided tape to the 1 fold line and attached the chair and rug which was in one piece - it was so easy to line up as the design was also printed on the fold line...

The shoes and bag decoupage was put on at this stage.

Next it was the front frame panel which pops over the top 2 scored edges - I used red double sided tape as I need a strong bond.

The poppies decoupage and the Happy Birthday sentiment were now put in place...

Lastly I stamped a sentiment onto the blank back panel and fixed in place with double sided tape.

The pretty envelope was simply 2 sheets printed, I cut them out and scored the outer edges, folded up and secured with double sided tape!

There is something special about this card - could it be the colours? Or the theme? I'm not sire - but I do know I like the you?

Thank you for looking

Come back again soon....

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