Sunday, 29 January 2012

Flowers on a Plate!

This is a sheet from and once made it forms a pretty 8x8 card

The sheet is called Mauve Flowers Round Topper & Decoupage by Sandie Burchell the item number should you wish to look this sheet up is 214890

You get the base image and elements on the one sheet so cheap to actually print out and make – even if its just to stock up your last minute cards box!

When I first bought this sheet I couldn’t wait to get it made up – and once made I was
 S T U C K !!!

Right to the make up instructions!

I used a plain 8x8 card and envelope from a pack I bought online from

After cutting out the base image – which happens to be circular – and the small amount of decoupage – the flowers and the bow, I stuck the base to the centre of my white card then added the decoupage using tiny 1mm thick sticky pads.

Then what??

I looked and looked – but really couldn’t see how I was going to finish this card....

So it went in my box of TO BE FINISHED I will add here that more often than not, I don’t go back to this box other then to bag up the part done cards and pass on to a couple of ladies I know that make and sell cards to raise money for their chosen charities – they welcome these part made cards as they can embellish in their own style and feel they have made the cards...

But I did go back to this card – but really don’t know why! I brought it to the craft room and decided I WOULD finish it this time...

So I got out the box of silver peel off corners – and was delighted to spot I had 2 sheets of one design – they were huge corners and made by Trimcraft – so I added one to each corner with a tiny scroll off the same sheet in between the corners

I was looking for enough bright pink pearls or gems to use on the plate but had nothing suitable in a large quantity – then spotted a full pack of tiny self adhesive clear gems – so found a nice cerise pro marker and happily coloured the gems...perfect!

Next I used a pokey tool to lift the gems over to my card and position the gems – only problem I had was the colour tended to colour my fingers! But I carried on and was quite pleased with the finished look of the gems....

Using a Sakura quickie glue pen I picked out sections on the flowers then sprinkled with iridescent glamour dust and after a rummage in my sentiments drawer I found a small circular greeting with Best Wishes which was lovely as the card is now usable for most occasions!

Hope you like my “2nd” attempt with this card....there is a mistake – can you spot it? If you leave a comment here and spot my mistake – I will send you this card – it is still usable!!!

Bye folks.... x …. x ....


  1. Great cards Angie, looked and looked but couldn't see any mistakes ;) Mx

  2. Angie all your cards are lovely.
    I cant see any mistakes. the only thing i can see that might be different is the central pic could be rotated clockwise a little but not necessary.