Monday, 16 January 2012

All Made Up!!!

Today I have gone back to a kit...again from Crafts You Print

My thoughts are I have bought these kits - and I print them out as I buy so may as well make them up and use them - I'm certain you all agree with that,...

So this kit is by Julene Harris and its called

 Sophisticated in Red Scalloped Easel Card Kit

There are 4 sheets to this kit - but no matching envelope.

As usual after printing the sheets I decided which of the sheets I felt needed to be stuck to a sheet of card stock - in this kit it was just the main base of the easel.

Once that was stuck to card I scored the fold lines then cut out the easel base.

The decoupage elements, the easel raised base and the sentiment were cut out and built up using double sided sticky pads.

This kit also comes with a sentiment panel that is pre printed with a Happy Birthday message - it fits along the back of the card...see the photo....

Once everything was attached I sat and thought about how to embellish the card

In the end I went with the saying - less is more....

So all I did was add shocking pink chessboard gems to the points of the scallops on the base and back plate of the design, added 2 to either side of the sentiment and finished by adding a single white gem to the centre of the red rose.

I was happy with the finished card but sat looking at it now I think I need to add some glossy accents to the lipstick and maybe the nail varnish and stopper to the perfume bottle...

I will add another photo of the card once I have done that and it dries!

Sorry for the poor photo quality in the main photo - and also apologises for the short description - I'm afraid I am so short of time today - have had a run of last minute orders which are needed for Tuesday and Wednesday....

Normal service will resume soon...promise x

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