Saturday, 1 June 2013

MDF Oval Decorated

Back to reality now – just Pete & I...oh together with 2 dogs and 5 birds of prey, not forgetting the lovely ferret and 2 fish!!!
But the lad has gone home and not coming to stay again for a few weeks...but it was lovely having him here and the weather meant we could do things rather than him have to stay and play indoors for 3 or 4 days and nights.
So today I want to share something I had to do as part of a swap...on my forum I signed up for the egg swap – so was sent an MDF egg that I had to decorate and send off to my chosen partner, as it was an egg and it was due to be sent out by Easter you can imagine what I was going to do with it
But things got in the way – firstly I went into hospital for the knee surgery and not long out when we began packing for the big house move
So sadly the egg just got moved from here to there and back again...I did make a start before I moved – I painted it yellow!
But as my partner had been so patient with me I decided last weekend as I was on my own I would get it done and ready to send off
I saw the perfect design for the egg shape
And thats where the EGG part of it is now an oval shape.
I used the fabulous fashion cd from Katy Sue/House of Zandra and design number 3.
Its a beautiful orange design and it was the correct shape and size for the oval...
So I printed off the decoupage sheet and started by sticking the base image to the oval shape and trimmed around it, the decoupage isn't oval but the bottom part fitted perfect and the top was blank anyway.
I cut out the sections of decoupage and added then using pinflare glue – with the top few layers I carefully shaped them then added larger blobs of pinflare so the dress had a rounded look to the skirt part.
For the flip side I printed off a pretty lightly patterned backing paper from the lovely Kanban Seasons cd, I went for a pale cream background with coffee coloured pattern, I stuck this to the mdf using cosmic shimmer PVA glue then as with the front I trimmed off the over hang
I printed off a sheet of matching handbag toppers and a sheet of hat toppers
The toppers offered 6 different shapes but luckily the hat and the bag were the same size in all 6 toppers so I just cut out 2 of each, used one as the base image and made the 2nd decoupaged, again I shaped the top piece to give a lovely effect.
So now I had a mainly orange oval so I used a bright orange Aqua marker, I edged the front and back of the oval and then carefully covered the MDF too.
So how to hang it now – I was going to simply slot ribbon through but felt it needed something with a little WOW to it so out came the jewellery making gear and I carefully put together a lovely handbag charm in orange and yellow beads and then added charms to match the theme so dress, hat, bag and a show...the bag charm could be used to hang the oval or removed and used on a bag..
The oval swap was finally sent to my partner Janice who sent me a message to say it was well worth the wait...
Job done!
I thoroughly enjoyed making it in the end and its a good feeling when the recipient likes it and knows how much thought and effort went into making it for her.
Would love your thoughts on this please


  1. That's a WOW vote from me Angie. Lucky Janice getting that fab bag charm.....I'll say defo well worth the wait Hugs Wynn xx

  2. It's lovely! Thanks Angie - it was worth waiting for! Janice.

  3. Lovely egg Angie.