Sunday, 23 June 2013

1950's Lady In Teal

Well the longest day has been and gone – but what about summer? Its not a lot we ask for is it...sunshine...daily...for more than just a few days!
And we would be happy with rain falling through the night so the gardens flourish!!!
Ok moan over
So to the card...I saw this as a mini kit on craftsuprint and just fell in love with it
I think its called 1950's lady with teal bird mini kit and was designed by Julie Hutchings
    I only buy the fancy edged 8x8 card so for this is used an A3 sheet of white card that I cut down to the 8x8 size I needed.
    The main image panel was cut out and stuck to the card front using double sided tape
    The decoupage was all cut out then shaped with my shaping tool from Dimension stamps and a foam mat
    The top layer of the skirt was shaped well and then I used an extra layer of sticky pads down the centre only to keep the shape
    The flowers for the top corners were tricky to cut in some places due to very narrow pieces – a tip for you – apply a strip of cellotape behind the problem areas and it makes a big difference mainly because it holds all those very fine pieces.
    So with all the decoupage in place it was time for the decorating, but really the card didn't need much as it is stunning anyway..but I added a little glitter to the centre of the flowers in the to corners and then used glossy accents on the green shoes, gloves and the top of the hat..
    And thats the card done – I have a sentiment to add but will do that and an insert when I know who the card is for.
    At the moment this is another for the use or sell box
    See you the next time

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  1. i agree with you the card looks stunning ,so there no need to put more on it , i have got the same one as well , hope you are well take care hugs linda