Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Trio of Owls

Hello again
Sorry there wasn't a card yesterday – we left class and popped into Asda for one or two things which turned into 4 carriers of things so as a result we didnt get home until around 10.30pm, then Pete had to walk the dogs while I made us some tea and after that it was nigh on midnight and I was past it!
I do have a card for today, it was what we made in class last night and will be making at the class tomorrow night.
I used a mini kit that was bought from craftsuprint and was designed by Gillian Hutchinson, its a main sheet and a decoupage sheet.
I had the sheets printed ready to cut out last Thursday in class and the ladies loved it and asked for it as a project so that was how it came about.
The photo's are showing the original card, I took everything to the class last night and sadly the branch punch gave up on us – one minute it was fine then the next it was ripping the card to bits.
So today I had to make up a 2nd card using a different punch for the left edge – and that is the only difference in the 2 cards.
So its an 8x8 cream scallop edge card blank, the pale green card was cut punched down the left edge then cut down to fit the card front – before sticking to the card I punched the top and bottom right hand corners with the bird punch then stuck the panel down using double sided tape.
The base image was cut out – I printed this a size smaller so it would fit the 8x8 card neatly – once cut out I nipped the 4 cards with the corner punch and then stuck in place with double sided tape.
The decoupage was cut out and attached to the main image using small sticky pads.
Once all the decoupage was cut out and put in place I trimmed a sliver of gold down then a piece of the waste green card, I used the bird punch on either end of the green card
Next it was a case of sticking the sentiment to the green card using double sided tape then that was stuck to the gold card with sticky pads and finally stuck to the card front with double sided tape.
A small lemon bow was tied and added to the top right hand corner
Using a Sakura quickie glue pen I highlighted the white parts of the V on the head and covered with glitter!
I added an insert that was made up of 2 sheets of paper, trimmed together, then the 4 corners punched out using the bird punch again!
Its certainly a bright card that will add a smile to anyone's face!
I will have the 2 of these going into the use or sell box so if anyone's interested let me know
Bye for now

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