Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nail advice needed

Sorry there wont be a card today – I have plenty made to share but I am in need of some advice and/or help so decided to give the card a miss – hope that's ok
As some of you know I have my nails done every 2 weeks, they are acrylics and I love them
This week when I had them done she added a top coat which meant I had to have my nails under a UV light for 60 seconds to set them
The top coat was to hold the shine and also stop the colour on the tips wearing away
Well I can only guess that she either added too much to some of the nails or it wasn't dry but I have like a solid bubble of shine on some of the nails and others have a slight smudged look to them
Tonight at class I have sat picking at my thumb nail and brought off some of the colour and the top coat
Once home I went straight for the bottle of pure acetone that I use to remove the polish and any broken nail and found it would not come off!
I have tried and tried but nothing is budging this top coat
Because the nails are bright pink and I have picked away at one and scrubbed hard on another the nails look a real mess now
So please help
What do I have need to?
I have sent a text to my technician but I am guessing it will be tomorrow when I hear back from her
Why did I have to moan about the colour wearing on the tips and occasionally marking card especially if I was wearing a dark red or something similar
All help/suggestions gratefully received

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