Saturday, 2 July 2011

Winter Kinetic Card

Today I have a lovely kinetic card to share with you - its a winter theme so another to my Christmas collection

The card was from a Hunkydory Winter Wishes Kinetic Card Kit - there are several great things about this card kit - first its a Hunkydory so in my opinion one of the best kits you can by and the next is its diecut but with no white edges!!!

So, how was the card made - basically, its really simple, and great for anyone who may struggle lining up their matting and layering as that all there is to it!!

Take the card blank and fold on all the pre scored lines - it becomes obvious - or it did to me - which were mountain and which was valley folds, in fact I did fold both ways before making the score a sharp one as I believe it makes the folding for posting easier!

Once you have done the card its time to push out all the panels on the silver mirri card sheet and your chosen coloured with silver swirls sheet - once you have them all I would suggest pairing them up.

I started by doing the far left and far right hand sides, used double sides tape (DST) and centralised the silver mirri panel, then matted the pretty blue panels, next I did the top and bottom on the centre panels and finally the 4 smallest panels which were done using just the silver mirri

The card was starting to look pretty now and I think had there not been the other panels I would have been happy with just adding a sentiment and a design - but as its Hunkydory it did have more....

So the next thing was the centre panel - this time it was patterned blue first, then silver mirri and finally blue again....ahh but then it was time to select one of the 4 printed sentiment or a blank one - this was matted and layered like all the other panels - so mirri, then blue then sentiment which made that central panel have 6 layers in all - good job I only used DST and not sticky pads or it would have been a bulky panel especially when closed! Having said that, I used a large thin sticky pad just for the sentiment - not that you can tell by looking at it!

The panels either side of the centre were the same size and both had just the mirri and a blue panel.

What did seem odd to me was the topper panel - again it was a mirri panel and a blue panel then the lovely winter scene topper which I thought suited the colour of the panels - there were 4 to chose from

I attached the topper with large thin sticky pads and just as I was about to add DST to the mirri base I realised I only needed it on 3 sides or it would mean the topper panel would stick to the centre panel when closed - phew that was lucky!!!

To finish all it needed was a sakura quickie glue pen to highlight the snow on the trees and the ground on the topper then sprinkled with glamour dust for a pretty sparkle!!!

The beauty of these kinetic cards is they look pretty big when on display but they actually fold down to fit into an A6 sized envelope!!

I have a template for this kind of card so will find it and add it in the next day or too then you can have a go at making something similar to this - as I said earlier - its all matting and layering so just chose 2 contrasting card, a topper and a sentiment - easy as that!!!

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